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It's been quite a long journey to puzzle up all what we had dreamed about, but we are so glad to finally have you here at usedroom.com

Our dream was to create a service that provides you with the easiest access to great clothes. Picking out the best pieces from huge piles is just one thing that we can do about this. We showcase them all on pure and realistic photos so you can browse them comfortably sitting in front of your screen. They come on a bargain price as they are considered secondhand and we deliver them right to your door. So this is about being a nice webshop, but we just couldn’t stop here.

You can get your order delivered for free if you order to Hungary or Slovakia and for the rest of Europe we can offer a fair delivery cost. You can be confident to choose and order the ones you like. If you happen to change your mind, you can send items back to us up to 30 days no questions asked. And did you know that PayPal gives an opportunity to return goods for free?

Our site and its services are easy to use and if you need any support you can turn to our creative customer service team at help@usedroom.com who will help you to sort out any problem.

Our products are considered as secondhand products, but they are all great quality, almost new and carefully prepared for you. It would be lovely of you if you try us out. Go and grab some new stuff to your closet. Happy shopping!

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  • We are open now

    It's been quite a long journey to puzzle up all what we had dreamed about, but …

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